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Become a Sponsor of the AHLL

Little League families and players are very dedicated. Almost every day of the week, the ball fields have something going on, and an audience watching. Practice brings Mom or Dad and maybe some brothers and sisters, and games bring families from all over San Antonio – all day long. Your big beautiful sign will be seen by many people.


Ty Edwards


Phone: 210-865-8364

Team Sponsorship

Purchase the t-shirt and jersey rights for a team. Select your division, and we will do our best to match you up with your preferred team. Please note, Team Sponsorships are for Spring Seasons ONLY.

Team Sponsorship Pricing

Division Term Price
T-Ball 1 Year $500
Baseball Coach Pitch 1 Year $500
Baseball Minors (AA - AAA) 1 Year $500
Baseball Majors 1 Year $1,000
Baseball Juniors 1 Year $1,000
Softball Coach Pitch 1 Year $500
Softball Minors 1 Year $500
Softball Majors 1 Year $1,000
Softball Juniors 1 Year $1,000
Challenger 1 Year $500

Ball Field Sign

Purchase a sign using our new streamlined process – choose your field, choose your sign size, and make payment online or with a check. One payment covers 2 years of the best advertising you can get.   You will see the sign instructions and agreement before you purchase, and you will receive email with everything you need to have your sign produced and placed.

Ball Field Sign Sponsor Pricing

Location Size Term Price
Field 1 Sign 3x9 2 Years $795
Field 3 Bleacher Sign 4x8 (SOLD OUT) 3 Years $1,250 (Renewal Only)
Field 3 Bleacher Sign 4x16 (SOLD OUT) 3 Years $2,500 (Renewal Only)
Field 3 Scoreboard Sign 4x4* (Single Panel) 5 Years $4,250
Field 3 Scoreboard Sign 4X4 (Both Panels) 5 Years $7,500
Field 3 Sign 9x8 (Limited Available) 2 Years $1,600
Field 3 Sign 9x17 2 Years $2,350 (Renewal Only)
Field 4 Sign 9x8 2 Years $1,200
Field 4 Sign 9x17 (Limited Available) 2 Years $1,950
Field 5 Sign 3x9 2 Years $795
Field 6 Sign 7x8 2 Years $1,850
Field 6 Sign 9x17 (Limited Available) 2 Years $2,600
Field 6 Scoreboard Sign Single Panel 5 Years $5,000
Field 6 Scoreboard Sign Both Panels 5 Years $9,250
Existing Sponsors registering their sign for a renewal term includes production of new sign.
TBall (Coed) Coach Pitch (Softball/Baseball)
Minors (Softball/Baseball) Majors (Softball)
Juniors (Softball)  
TBall (Coed) Coach Pitch (Baseball)
Minors (Baseball) Majors (Baseball)
TBall (Coed) Coach Pitch (Baseball)
Minors (Baseball) Majors (Baseball)
TBall (Coed) Challenger League
Coach Pitch (Softball/Baseball) Minors (Softball/Baseball)
Majors (Softball)  
TBall (Coed) Juniors (Baseball)


Cup Sponsorship

             Cup logos will be printed in one color only.

Cup Sponsorship Options

Description Quantity Price
12oz Cups (Snow Cones) 1500 $750
20oz Cups 1500 $750
32oz Cups 1500 $750

Website Sponsorship

We get a lot of web visits since everyone checks here for the latest news, and all our home games have visitors who check the website for location info. Add your company web address or logo to the website.


Website Sponsorship

Advertisement Type Term Price
Web Link URL 1 Year $100
Web Graphic JPG/URL 1 Year $500